Principal Investigator. Swiss National Science Foundation ‘Ambizione’. ‘Le théâtre grec in Italie durant l’époque républicaine’
University of Basel

Partner Investigator in the Australian Research Council Discovery Project ‘Theatre and Autocracy in Ancient Greece’

Swiss National Science Foundation Early.Postdoc Mobility Grant
Visiting Researcher. Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (CCANESA), The University of Sydney.
Research project on Greek Theatre Early Imperial Rome and Campania.

Research associate in the Groupe de recherche (CNRS, GDR 3279)  ‘Théâtre antique : textes, histoire, représentations’. Dir. Prof. Brigitte Le Guen (University of Paris 8)
CNRS (France)

November 2013        
Completion of the PhD. (Summa cum laude with the congratulations of the board of examiners.)
Title: The Staging of Socio-political Groups in Sophocles’ Tragedies.
Supervisor: Prof. Paul Schubert (University of Geneva)
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Peter Wilson (University of Sydney)
Prize: Prix Charles Bally 2014 (Société Académique de Genève)
Publication: The Stage and the City. Non-élite Characters in the Tragedies of Sophocles, de Boccard, 2017.                          

PhD thesis, see ‘Education’, with a one-year research stay at the University of Sydney (2010-2011)
University of Geneva, University of Sydney

July 2006                 
Second Bachelor in French Language and Literature
University of Geneva

October 2005            
Licence ès Lettres (Master in Classics [Ancient Greek] and Linguistics) (Thesis: Iliade et figurations sur vases : sortir du mythe)
University of Geneva

Demi-licence (Bachelor) in Ancient Greek, Linguistics, and Classical Archaeology
University of Geneva